About John Keells Properties

Creating masterpieces to turn your everyday life into endeavours that will leave you mesmerised, every space we craft is unique. We identify locations followed by a tedious process and we design the best possible outcome to suit the real-life living scenarios of our patrons as we strive to match their tastes and preferences. Each of our projects is a result of holistic thinking, nurturing astounding ideologies and works of thorough commitment. We take responsibility for creating a space beyond just building it, we create new worlds! Once we build something we nurture it and care for it, just like our bond with our well-esteemed clients.

With the level of expertise and experience gained over the years on aspiring ventures such as The Monarch, OnThree20 and the Emperor, we are now taking things beyond the horizon with new and ground-breaking masterpieces such as Cinnamon Life and TRI-ZEN! We hope to bring to life, even more, one-of-a-kind developments, in the pursuit of making the world a better and wonderful place to live in!

TRI-ZEN | Cinnamon Life