John Keells Properties’ prime focus towards uplifting urban living

08th August , 2020

When describing an urban lifestyle, it seems almost impractical to suggest serenity. After all, a city which continuously finds itself buzzing with activities and excitement is far from ideal for individuals who crave tranquility. With their upcoming project, TRI-ZEN, John Keells Properties aims to explore the possibility of integrating the bustling metropolitan city with an escape so surreal, that it will be desired by all, even those looking for a tranquil experience.

When deciding to move to an urban location however, a plethora of other factors need extensive consideration. Whether it’s regarding pollution, convenience, lifestyle or affordability, the decision is all but unchallenging. After all, choosing where you live will ultimately determine how you live. With individuals rapidly moving towards urban areas, it is important to start asking why, and it is TRI-ZEN’s goal to help you realize how imperative it is to make a quick but rational decision in order to secure your space before it reaches an exorbitant price.

The difficulty in securing properties in Colombo is attributed to the constant appreciation of land value in the city and landowners biding their time to sell their land to the highest bidder (mainly property developers hoping to build commercial or real estate projects) When the scarcity of land in Colombo is also taken into consideration, it would seem that moving to sub-urban areas would ultimately be the ideal decision. However, the city is unquestionably a prime choice for those who wish to experience a convenient and comforting lifestyle in Sri Lanka. The hassle of travelling through the rising traffic condition (with over 2 million people commuting to Colombo city every day) is nullified by the easily accessible distance to and from commercial buildings, schools, major hospitals, sought-after shopping malls, popular restaurants and even religious venues.

With studies showing that commuters who travel significant distances to their workplaces face consequential stress levels and tend to experience greater anxiety and lower levels of enthusiasm, urban living can undoubtedly be seen as a major contribution to the overall satisfaction in one’s life. Many would agree that it is a luxury to get enough sleep and take a leisurely stroll to one’s workplace instead of burdening oneself with early mornings and exasperating traffic and this is precisely what urban living can provide to anyone looking to experience the same.