TRI-ZEN! Maximizing the upside of urban living

08th August , 2020

Apart from the convenience, living in Colombo can be described as an adventure, because although the city may be filled with future focused projects and modern architecture such as TRI-ZEN, it is also home to colonial buildings which are steeped in history. This contrasting atmosphere is a crucial element that contributes towards the vibrancy and uniqueness of living in Colombo. There is also much to be said about the feeling that envelops you when you walk its streets, and it is apparent in the faces of tourists who are stunned by the richness of the city and the vibrancy of the stories it represents. After all, it’s almost inconceivable to think that you could be surrounded by skyscrapers and yet feel like you’re in the midst of a small town bountiful in culture. With the recent surge in lavish malls such as Colombo City Centre and One Galle Face, the marvel the city can present seems abundant, especially with large upcoming projects such as the Port City, also known as Colombo International Financial City, which is planned to be an extension of the central business district.

There is however an inevitable consequence of living in such a city, and that is the hefty price tag that comes with purchasing land in Colombo, which only seems to be rising. In 2019 itself, a 13.6% increase has been seen in average land prices. People therefore are switching to a much more affordable alternative – vertical living. However, to call it the next best option is certainly unfair, because although a house with a white picket fence may have been the quintessential picture of the ideal lifestyle to a generation, modern apartments have brought in a whole new perspective. The comfort and relaxation it provides by nullifying maintenance and allocating an ample amount of activities for its residents is invaluable to those that prefer to take complete advantage of their leisurely time.

Unfortunately, when it comes to safety, Sri Lanka is lacking. One of the key upsides to vertical living is ensured security. Not only are surveillance systems and guards active at all times, but apartment housing is more difficult to approach, and the proximity of neighbors make access to help significantly easier. TRI-ZEN provides a clever approach to security as well, with technology such as smart locks, residents can monitor their door status as well as lock and unlock their doors from afar, when required. This remote controlling of devices stretches to other equipment as well, with home gateways, residents can also control their appliances. The smart housing system also provides gas sensors and smart smoke detectors that notify you directly through your mobile device in case of any hazards.


Affordable housing in an urban region such as Colombo is unfortunately, exceptionally sparse, and as it stands, suburban living is a cause of unnecessary stress when convenience factors are taken into consideration. TRI-ZEN aims to maximize the upsides of both urban and sub-urban living, while simultaneously minimizing the downsides. With a 26 million rupee investment in TRI-ZEN, it is not only the gamut of convenience that is ensured, but the peaceful ambiance that urban-living scarcely delivers. Equipped with a meditation deck, jogging track, gym’s and swimming pools, this smart and serene utopia not only aims to keep your mind at peace but also promotes a physically fit and healthy lifestyle. In order to improve powerful social determinants of health, TRI-ZEN encourages prestigious living coupled with effortless management of property to give its residents quality for their investment and the satisfaction they deserve.